Modern WordPress Starter Theme with TailwindCSS and ViteJS.

Hot module reload

Modern development Tools

Run the npm run dev command in your terminal and you're just coding. Everything is already configured.


Deploy optimized files

ViteJS takes care of compiling and optimizing your production files. Run the npm run build command and that's it.

What's included

Speed of ViteJS

Develop on your local machine and instantly see the result on screen

Simplicity of TailwindCSS

Write css easily and compile your style in the smallest possible way

Modern WordPress

Create a modern and sustainable theme without gadgets. 100% compatible with Gutenberg

Rendering backend and frontend

The rendering of pages in the backend editor (Gutenberg) and the frontend is identical

Light and clean assets files

The assets files (js,css) only have what is going to be used on the website and nothing else

Theme.json compatible

Declare the aspect of your site in the theme.json file to synchronize all the website